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The "it's ok to be different" Tee
We are embracing the untraditional and spreading awareness with a spark of humor! Our tees are sure to bring a smile to your face. Grab our holiday tee-shirt special today!  This offer has been flying out of here like CRAZY! Grab yours while they are still in stock!  At $24.99 (INCLUDING shipping) this deal is a no-brainer!
 A portion of the proceeds from each and every order are donated to the National Project Lifesaver Program. Our son is a part of the Project Lifesaver Program here in our county, and to say that what they provide for those with cognitive impairments is amazing is an understatement. In addition to spreading autism awareness like wildfire, it is also our mission to continue to raise money for the Project Lifesaver Program so that all who desire can be a part of their program for little or no cost to the family. You can read more about the program by visiting their site at
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We are leading the masses in spreading AUTISM AWARENESS in a totally unique way...WITH A SPARK OF HUMOR.  As the parent of a 14 year old son affected by autism, I have always taken note of peoples responses to my son while out in public.  You know the deal I am sure.  He stands out from the "norm" when he talks loud, makes a bee-line for the DVD section, impulsively grabs his beloved skittles on the checkout line, and so on!  Never a dull moment, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.  Our Joey brings so much joy to our family.

We hope our tees bring a smile to your face.  Each one stems from a situation or event that we experienced on our crazy ride on the autism roller coaster, and each story is within the tees description.  The "it's ok to be different" tee evolved from a series of comical holiday gatherings with some people who still just don't "get it", but it's ok!  We now have this tee to rock and remind them that IT'S OK TO BE DIFFERENT!  Another force behind this tee was a conversation between Joey and his aide about not wanting to play in the snow with his's ok to be different!

SO GRAB YOUR TEE, JOIN THE MOVEMENT, AND LIGHT THE WAY!  Help us to help others see that autism isn't a tragedy.  Let's give them a spark of humor to help them see that our loved ones are people too.  People who know how to laugh, smile, and impact the world in positive ways just like anyone else.  

A portion of all sales are donated to Project Lifesaver.  Unlike other notable organizations donations made to Project Lifesaver go DIRECTLY to funding their services (not to administrative salaries!).  The benefits of this organization are endless, I could go on forever! can learn more about Project Lifesaver by going to
Our Founder, Celeste, and her son Joey rocking their 
"it's ok to be different" tees!

This Incredible Offer Includes 
A Trifecta Of Greatness...
An "it's ok to be different" tee
  •  High Quality Gildan Tee
  •  Tear Away Tag
  •  100% Quality Cotton
  •  Unisex Black Tee
Autism Awareness Lanyard
  •  Autism Puzzle Piece Pattern
  •  Breakaway Strap Feature
  •  Swivel Hook Attachment Allows For Easy Removal
(2) ICE Car Window Stickers
  •   Weatherproof Stickers For Outside     Window Mounting
  •  Acts as a voice for loved ones affected by autism in case of an emergency
A portion of all proceeds will be donated to Project Lifesaver (
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